Calvin Harris Is Sick Of Tiesto's Carb-Filled Instagram Pics

Too much bread, dude. Just too much.

Tiësto, get your buns off Instagram.

First came the photo-sharing app's embargo on eggplant emoji. Then the #curvy controversy. Now, Calvin Harris would like to be able to scroll his Instagram feed without being visually assaulted by the Dutch DJ’s warm, shapely buns. Where will Internet censorship end?

Harris called for an end to Tiësto’s sordid exposure via text message after he posted a pic of six, “too yumm” buns on Instagram with the hashtag #ClubLife. The buns, glistening and nearly bare, prompted Harris to make the text exchange public, proclaiming that the image had gone “too far” and imploring Tiësto to “stop posting” this type of picture.

Tiësto responded by posting another picture of the buns, this time from behind.

Harris’ own feed, however, is wrought with similar images. Of Tiësto’s 33 Instagram posts, only two contain content of this nature. Comparatively, more than 115 of Harris’ 1,345 posts contain a clear reference to food or drink, including images of products high in carbohydrates -- like crackers, cereal and cake.

One picture prominently features a piece of toast with the caption “about that life.” Another depicts a bread basket with rolls, croissant and slices of multi-colored bread, captioned “my brain’s bread.”

Harris’ gluten-dense Instagram feed calls into question his problem with Tiësto’s buns. Is it just the sourdough calling the pumpernickel black?