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Ingrid Nilsen Talks Success, Her Viral Coming Out Video And Her Dream YouTube Collaboration At VidCon 2015

“I don’t equate success with numbers. It goes back to finding what’s meaningful and fulfilling to you.”

Sitting cross-legged on stage in front of hundreds of fans at VidCon, you'd never know that Ingrid Nilsen was hiding a rash underneath her bold red lipstick. Even with millions of adoring subscribers, the YouTube star admitted that she still gets nervous when it comes to public speaking -- which is why she started making videos nearly six years ago in the first place.

Today, Ingrid is one of the most popular beauty vloggers on the Internet. But she's not just known for her adorable, girl-next-door makeup tutorials. This past June, Ingrid's beautiful coming out video went viral, resonating beyond her immediate fanbase. On Friday, the YouTube personality opened up about her decision to make the video, her tips for vlogger newbies and what keeps her going even on not-so-great days.

On her biggest role model:

"My biggest role model in my life was definitely my dad. He's someone I looked up to a lot ... It's anybody who has that courage to live their honest and true life."

On her love of Australian coffee:

"I tend to gravitate towards Australian coffee shops in America without knowing it. It's so good."

On why she made her coming out video:

"It was like this feeling inside of me that I just couldn't contain. I was in this limbo land between everybody knowing and being in the closet, and for me, that was almost worse than just being in the closet because when you're at one extreme or another, you at least know what direction you're going in."

On what she'd be doing if she wasn't a YouTuber:

"I was studying architecture in school, so I'd assume I'd be something along that path. Though I don't think I'd be as happy as I am right now."

On her advice for YouTubers who are just starting out:

"It's about having patience and kind of going into it with no expectations. It's great to have goals, but it's also great to just walk in with pure intentions. Be patient with yourself... be gentle with yourself. And keep it up -- even when you hit a bump in the road."

On how she gets through bad days:

"For me, one of the keys to happiness is being appreciative and grateful. It's also being sure that when you hit roadblocks, you let yourself feel what you need to feel ... instead of ignoring it and shoving it under the rug. It's something that's let me be happy. It's OK to feel. When you feel, you care."

On her favorite place to shop:

"My favorite place to shop is a store in New York called & Other Stories. They did a collaboration with Rachel Antonoff and she's one of my favorite designers. They have some really cool stuff."

On how she defines "success": 

"I don't equate success with numbers. It goes back to finding what's meaningful and fulfilling to you."

On her dream YouTube collaboration:

"Taylor Swift!"