Kevin Winter/Getty Images

There's Only One Way You Can Buy Katy Perry's New Fragrance

In an effort to keep showing the world just how business savvy she is, Katy Perry is selling her newest fragrance exclusively on Twitter.

“Mad Potion,” her seventh fragrance, is being sold through her online pop-up shop on Twitter at @katyperrypopup. While it will eventually sell in stores, there's no word on an actual release date, but KP suggests to follow the shop's account for updates.

Katy celebrated the release at the very fitting Magic Castle in Hollywood where she showed off her magician skills and almost set the place on fire while wearing a sparkling Libertine dress.

While ordering a perfume on Twitter may seem unconventional now, it's hard to doubt the business model of the woman who wore a Moschino pantsuit on her Forbes cover. Consider us—and your new fragrance—sold, KP.