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We're Feeling The Love In Beyoncé's New Vacation Pictures

This is what we call the Bey Vacay Slay.

There's a very good chance we'll eventually develop whiplash from how quickly our heads snap to attention when our Queen B Beyoncé gives us any photographic in to her picture perfect existence.

Even if it does ever come to that, it would have been completely worth it.

Because with Bey it's like we're Ariel wanting a pair of legs in "The Little Mermaid." We just want to be where the people are -- want to be part of that world. So, imagine our delight when she shared a slew of new candids from her family time with Jay Z and Blue Ivy on her website Thursday (July 23).

  1. First of all, Blue is officially a swimmer now. Look Ma! No hands!
  2. And Jay's place for deep thought is the yacht.
  3. Meanwhile, Beyoncé remains the flyest flyer ever.
  4. Oh, and BTW, it appears that Jay and Blue were very patriotic this Independence Day.
  5. And Beyoncé had only the best Shark Week swag ever with that jacket.
  6. Oh, she worked it.
  7. Everyone had the slickest kicks.
  8. And we totally want Beyoncé's lip jammy pants, like, yesterday.

Just another couple of days in THE life.