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Leonardo DiCaprio Just Raised $40 Million For Earth

The green celeb is doing WORK for his girl, Mother Nature.

Leonardo DiCaprio just helped raise $40 million for the environment. Yes.

While the south of France might be one of Leo's favorite spots to yacht, thanks to the natural beauty of the Riviera, Saint-Tropez also just served as his place of business in gathering funds to help wildlife conservation efforts across the globe.

As detailed by The Hollywood Reporter, DiCaprio hosted the second annual Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation gala on Wednesday (July 22) evening and auctioned off some ultra swanky items to bring in the megabucks for Planet Earth.

"My Foundation is focused on protecting critically-endangered, iconic species," DiCaprio wrote on Instagram Thursday (July 23). "Last night, we held an event to support our efforts to protect the #tiger, #rhino, #shark, and mountain #gorilla by working with governments to conserve the jungles, coral reefs and forests they call home. In a sense, we’re trying to set up a worldwide network of Noah’s Arks."

Among the celebrities to join DiCaprio for the fundraising soiree were Elton John and John Legend, who performed, along with Orlando Bloom, Kate Hudson, Nina Dobrev, Michelle Rodriguez, Marion Cotillard, and Sylvester Stallone.

The items up for grabs included an estate on Leo's own private island in Belize called Blackadore Caye, and even Prince Albert II of Monaco made a cushy travel package donation.

Leo's uber-green side might be our favorite thing about him. Apart from that gnarly beard, of course. Go, Leo, GO.