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This Summer Is About To Get Way 'Young And Stupid' -- Thanks To Travis Mills, Tyler Posey And T.I.

Oh, and Pete Davidson makes an appearance, too!

Travis Mills may be growing up -- rest in peace, T. Mills -- but in a lot of ways he's still "Young And Stupid." Or, you know, as least as far as his new single and video are concerned. As in, that's what they're called.

MTV got a sneak peek at all the new goods, and I think we may have a late contender for a bad-decision-fueling song of the summer here.

A kazoo-heavy (mm-hmm) jam with plenty of attitude, "Young And Stupid" finds the perfect complement with its accompanying video, out Friday (July 24). Pete Davidson of "SNL" guest stars in his undies, Tyler Posey shows off his skateboarding skills and T.I. even drops in for a verse or two. "The concept for the video was just about having the best time of your life," Mills told MTV News.

Sounds fair.

If you've been a longtime fan of the tatted-up musician, you'll know that despite the song's cavalier subject matter, Mills is far from "Stupid." Dude built up the fan base for his pop/rap blend early on via the Web, hit up Warped Tour in 2009 -- among other fests -- released smash-hits like "All I Wanna Do" last year, worked with Dr. Luke on his upcoming sophomore record and is just generally a badass. He's also been seriously evolving of late, he says.

"The inspiration behind this project was honestly a fresh start," he said. "You know, I've grown up a little bit. I found myself as a human being; I found myself as an artist and now this is who I am, this is what I want to portray to people -- which is why I'm so excited for this song. I'm so excited for it to be Travis Mills and for people to -- when they hear the music -- to really dive into it and get behind it."

As for the song itself? "As soon as the beat comes on, you want to tap your foot and when the hook drops it just makes you want to dance," he said.

You hear that, guys? Just try not to move.