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12 Signs That Summer Is Officially Coming To An End

Saying goodbye is a beach.

Summer really is the manic pixie dream girl of seasons. She comes in out of nowhere, charms our pants off, exhausts us and then leaves before we can figure out WTF happened.

Even though the sun is still shining, with summer more than halfway over, we're inevitably entering the exhausted stage. Here are the tell-tale signs that it's almost time for us to say goodbye:

  1. You don't want to be outside anymore.

    You're seriously considering hibernating in your neighborhood movie theater for the entertainment and air conditioning.

  2. You've mastered the art of killing mosquitos.

    Or at least you've started naming all of your bites.

  3. You're SO over watermelon.

    Take note grocery stores, barbecues and EVERYONE.

  4. And your summer crush.

    Your summer fling don't mean a thing and you'd rather chill with friends.

  5. You're totally broke.

    There's something about summer that makes you spend cash like it's about to be burned up by the sun anyways.

  6. But that's okay because there's back-to-school sales.

    Less sun, more shopping.

  7. You're already brainstorming Halloween costumes.

    It's never too soon to have a good idea.

  8. And getting excited about television premieres.

    If you had a vision board it would say "Fall TV" on it.

  9. Your farmer's tan could be mistaken as a shirt.

    Don't try this in public spaces.

  10. Your legs couldn't be hairier.

    Bring on the pants.

  11. You've stopped caring about your "beach body."

    Pass the chips and salsa. We've all gotta start packing on the pounds for the winter.

  12. You're just over it.

    Summer is awesome but it's also a finite amount of time for a reason. With all the vacations, barbecues and beach days, it's easy to get burnt out (literally and figuratively). Looking forward to going back to school, work or a constructive change isn't a bad thing. It probably just means you've had a great few months and are looking forward to what's next. Plus, there's always next summer.