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Kurt Cobain Was Obsessed With This Teen's Dad -- For Real

Even legends have inspirations.

When 19-year-old Maggie Poukkula asked her father to borrow his copy of "Heavier Than Heaven," Kurt Cobain’s biography, little did she know that she would find a piece of music history tucked inside it. When she opened the book, she found a photo set of her father... playing music with Nirvana.

After Maggie unknowingly tweeted the never-before-seen piece of grunge antiquity, the tweet went viral.

“Honestly it doesn't feel real still,” Maggie told MTV News. “It's weird to think that everyone is going crazy over photos that have been sitting in that book for years. I didn't expect it to blow up like this. It's amazing though, my dad deserves so much recognition for that.”

Maggie’s father, Tony Poukkula, can be seen in the top photo with a flying V electric guitar, and in subsequent photos you can see Cobain’s trademark hair-in-face performance.

According to Rolling Stone, the band performed covers of Led Zeppelin's "Heartbreaker" and "How Many More Times," but also performed early versions of Nirvana's "Mexican Seafood," "Hairspray Queen," and “If You Must,” which you can hear below.

Reaction to the find has been universally positive, with the Poukkulas basking in all the attention:

You might think that the Poukkulas are pretty cool for owning a piece of Nirvana’s history, but according to Maggie, Cobain thought her dad was pretty cool, too. “[My dad] said in high school Kurt followed him around a lot because my dad had a band and Kurt loved their music and wanted to learn.”

Her father still plays guitar to this day for the band Laytem -- and if you're wondering whether the Poukkulas are going to start a family band now, the answer is no, at least for Maggie. "I'm not a musician. I love music and grew up around rock 'n' roll. I tried to learn how to play guitar and I don't have enough patience. I have the best teacher if [I] ever wanted to learn though. My dad is great."

So great.