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Selena Gomez's New Adidas Neo Collection Suddenly Makes Us Want To Work Out

Light jog, anyone?

If you're never in the mood to work out (like, ever), Selena Gomez miiight be able to change your mind. She just dropped her fall Adidas Neo collection, and it's filled with super cool staples that suddenly make going to the gym not seem so bad.

Unlike her pattern-infused spring and summer collections, she went for a minimal vibe in her latest line. (Our girl is growing up. *single tear*) She paired a pale pink, triple-striped windbreaker with a matching sports bralet and gray striped leggings.

In another look, she opted for a gray sports bra with matching track pants and zip-up sweater. Um, can someone teach us how to look this badass in sweats, please? Kthxbye.

A behind-the-scenes videos shows even more goodies from the line (see: a cute sweaterdress and killer parka), and TBH, we've never been so stoked to see winter gear in our lives. Selena said she is "so happy!" about her fall line, and if you want to shop the full collection, head on over to