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18 Kendrick Sampson Pics That'll Have You Reaching For His ... Follow Button

You're going to want to do the double tap.

If you're not already following Kendrick Sampson on Instagram, we have a strong suspicion you'll be doing so very shortly after reading this.

Because the new "How to Get Away with Murder" Season 2 star -- whom you might have already seen steaming up the small screen on "The Vampire Diaries" and "Gracepoint" -- has the most smoldering photo feed we've seen in quite some time.

You might say that it's a crime more people aren't following him right now. But, unlike the sitch with the sleuthy students at Middleton U, this one's real easy to solve.

Consider all the evidence.

  1. First of all, this is a man who knows good lighting.

    And how to gaze into the distance just so.

  2. And he knows how to blend in with the scenery.

    Bare mountainside; rock hard abs. Same.

  3. And he's doubling up on that whole milk does a body good thing.

    We're suddenly *very* thirsty.

  4. He knows how to do a cool close-up.

    This photo has exactly zero flaws.

  5. Plus, he has fun with filters.

    And a little flexing, too.

  6. Also, he's got style for miles.

    All of this is just a barrel of YES.

  7. Did we mention he's handsome?

    He's handsome.

  8. Shirt, no shirt, half-shirt, it's all uh-mazing.

    We're listening.

  9. Pants are also optional.

    Here's us throwing out the rule book.

  10. He's also got the in-motion angle down.

    Vrooooooom go our hearts.

  11. Guys, he also loves nature.


  12. And he has just the happiest smile.

    It's actually contagious. You're smiling right now even if you don't realize it.

  13. His throwback photos are the CUTEST.

    Oh, hayyyyy pumpkin baby Kendrick.

  14. He's well traveled.

    Showing us the sights while he sees the sites. We accept.

  15. He's mastered the proper selfie technique.

    Correct. And also, HI.

  16. And he's got a great sense of humor.

    Yes, he knows he looks kinda like the Hot Felon. He's good with that.

  17. He can make you groove.

    You want to dance with him. Admit it already.

  18. Basically, he's just an exceptionally followable guy.

    Just go ahead and follow Kendrick Sampson now. Thank us later.