Nev Shows Off His Rapping Skills (They're TREMENDOUS) In This 'Catfish' Sneak Peek

'It's your boy Nev, put that booty on me.'

When Nev isn't busy trying to snatch "Catfish," the digital detective likes to show off his rhyming abilities and put his rapping skills on display. And in a sneak peek of tonight's all-new episode, below, N takes his talents to another level: The author lays down an original track.

Let's set the stage for the upcoming installment: R. Prophet, a rapper and former member of the group Nappy Roots, has asked the MTV guys to help him finally come face-to-face with his online crush Trinity. But before the duo gets down to uncovering the mysterious woman, they meet R. Prophet while he's working on a new single. Things then turn amusing when the Kentucky-based artist asks Nev to take a stab at some lyrics.

"Do you want me to just come up with a verse after that?" the 30-year-old asks with a big smile.

"Yeah, that's a tough act to follow," Max adds.

But N is up to the challenge, and the result is very entertaining. Check out Nev's efforts in the clip and be sure to catch "Catfish" tonight at 10/9c!