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Laverne Cox Poses With Fries And A Milkshake, Is All Of Us In 'Nylon'

Thank you, Queen.

Only Laverne Cox could make eating fries at a diner look fierce as hell, and we can thank Nylon for that discovery.

Those shorts. That pose. The food. There's nothing not to love about this shoot except for the fact that we're only given three shots from it. Seriously, give us more plz.

We often see the two extremes of Laverne: glammed up and red carpet ready, or wearing a jumpsuit in prison. It's refreshing to see another layer of the "OITNB" star, especially since it involves milkshakes and denim jackets.

During the interview with the mag, Laverne talks about her responsibility as an activist, describing herself as "a storyteller—imagining different ways to tell transgender stories" both in people's private lives and in the media.

"What I really have to prioritize is self-care, something as basic as getting sleep," she explained. "I’ve had to say no to a lot of things. There’s a cost for me emotionally when I speak up about things. I’m always a target because I’m a public figure, and I’m not doing activism in obscurity. I have to get myself ready for the bullets."

Of course, the topic turned to Caitlyn Jenner's highly publicized transition. And while Laverne has nothing but good things to say about Caitlyn herself, she's still highly critical of the media, saying "When Caitlyn’s Vanity Fair cover came out, the language that people were using was deeply misogynist—she looked beautiful according to very specific standards, and that’s deeply problematic."

Laverne is having a whirlwind year, and no one understands that as much as she does. She recently went on a trip to Paris where, unlike in U.S., she went unrecognized and "felt so normal."

"I just had a really good time in Paris, even just allowing myself to splurge on this [Fendi] handbag," she told the mag. "Though I think it’s important for me to be critical of this privilege as well. There are a lot of people out there who are struggling. But I can’t lift someone else up if I don’t take care of myself, too."

We hear that, girl.