'Teen Wolf' Plot Twist: Scott & His Pack Could Be At Fault For The Dread Doctors' Return

Could the bloody killing spree have been avoided?

It's one thing to be faced with the fact that your town has been overrun by a team of torturous doctors, but then to realize you could be responsible for the death and destruction they bring? Ouch.

It seems that Scott and Co. are about to understand that they essentially sent the Dreads a personal invitation to return to Beacon Hills, causing them to yank teeth and drill skulls upon their arrival. On Monday night's episode of "Teen Wolf," Stiles and Lydia paid a visit to Eichen House where Valack -- a whack-job supernatural who also has an affinity for power tools -- gave them some intel into the Dread Doctors' master plan. Turns out, the Dreads have attacked Beacon Hills before...

"And now they're back, all because a few teenagers who never even considered the consequences decided to reignite a supernatural force they barely understand," Valack explained.

The force he speaks of is the Nemeton — the mystical tree trunk that appears to be the crux of all that's gone wrong in the California town. (Oh, and it's also been haunting Parrish's dreams.) Let us recap: Years ago, the then-dormant Nemeton's power was unleashed when a young Derek Hale (awh, DEREK! *tear*) unintentionally sacrificed his innocent high school girlfriend among the tree's roots. Its power grew stronger when Scott, Stiles and Allison participated in a surrogate sacrifice in order to save their parents (remember that?!), despite a stern warning from Dr. Deaton that it could have dire consequences. (Hey, they had to save their parents, right?!)


Now cue the biggest bloodbath since the dead pool, and it could be due to a supercharged tree trunk -- all thanks to the overzealous Scallison and Stiles. And now Stiles has someone's blood on his hands (though the Donovan situation was totally in self-defense — we hear you!), Kira is blowing fuses, Lydia is locked up, and nothing will be the same.

Would you say Scott's pack is responsible, or was the Dreads' return inevitable? Join the conversation and catch an all-new episode this Monday at 10/9c!