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Game Sitting On The Toilet Is The Pic You Can't Unsee

Game takes 'sh-ttin' on' rappers to a whole new level.

What do you do if you're a rapper with no time to spare? You have to record your album wherever you can - even if that means the bathroom, apparently.

Well, maybe not, but that's the message Game's sending with his latest hilarious Insta.

"I ain't been home in 30 days and I live 20 minutes down the freeway," Game captioned the photo. "I don't have a second to waste and I promise #TheDocumentary2 is literally sh-ttin' on n----s."

Good to know Game's photo had a point to make. He's bringing a new meaning to "sh-ttin' on" rappers. That makes sense. Glad he didn't just post a random toilet photo for no reason, right?

But he isn't the only one celebrating his new LP. According to the Compton spitter, here are other co-signs the project's gotten lately.

  1. Diddy

    "The big homie @iamdiddy came thru to listen to the album & said the same thing Dre said, 'This is your best album and anyone who listens will say the same f--king thing.' Can't wait for y'all to hear this sh-t."

  2. Sway Calloway

    "@RealSway flew from NY to LA just to hear the album & was mind blown. He's never easy to impress. Said it was a classic 1/2 way through. I can't wait for yall to judge."

  3. Big Boy

    "The homie @BigBoy came through to witness the #Classic. Feels good to know the city I'm from & the BIGGEST radio voice we have is behind."

  4. Jeezy

    "My n---a Snowman heard #TheDocumentary2 was a classic so he came thru to put a ear to it & brought a bottle.... My REAL n---a!"

  5. Busta Rhymes

    "Don't know when's the last time I actually went home. But I do know the last time I slept on the couch this much. I created my 1st album. Buss been riding with me the whole way !!!! #BloodMoney #Aftermath #WinnersCircle #TheDocumentary2."

  6. Jermaine Dupri

    "Got my n---a @JermaineDupri in here 5:45am in the morning scratchin' his chin tryna figure out how the f--k n----s gone top this album. ANSWER: they're not n---a."

  7. Ice Cube

    "The big homie @IceCube stopped thru on this #TheDocumentary2 sh-t...... We not f--king around this year #WaitForIt n---a!"

  8. Dr. Dre

    "Dre said this is the best hip hop album in the last 5 years at least & we still here 10 years later. It's still AFTERMATH & ain't nothing after that."