After Wolverine Leaves, Who’ll Be The New Favorite 'X-Men?'

Move over Hugh Jackman, it's time for a new star.

As the longest-running modern superhero movie franchise in current history (yup, longer than Spider-Man, even!), "X-Men" has seen some pretty big ups and downs over the past 17 years. But one thing's for sure -- no matter what the movie, if Wolverine showed up, he was 100% the best thing in it.

But it looks like Hugh Jackman's ready to give up the mantle sometime soon, as earlier this summer he announced on Instagram that he'd be returning to the character "one last time." Sob.

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So when Logan finally goes gentle into that good night, who's left for us to fawn over? Luckily, the X-Men canon is vast and full of awesome heroes to root for, and here's who we think deserves all the fame and glory after Jackman retires:

  1. Cyclops
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    Okay, yeah, yeah, if you know anything about the "X-Men" then you know the routine already -- Scott Summer is a d--k. But as much fun as it is to make fun of Cyclops' stiff attitude, he has the potential to move completely past that now that we're starting over with his origin story.

  2. Charles Xavier
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    While we're going to miss Patrick Stewart forever, James McAvoy's done a great job as his past self for the past couple of movies -- and now that we're moving forward with the timeline and Xavier doesn't have to be quite so self-absorbed and, well, young, he might just be the perfect frontman.

  3. Jubilee

    Jubilee (on the left) was a HUUUUGE fan favorite back when the "X-Men" appeared in their own '90s cartoon, and she almost appeared in the second "X-Men" movie back in 2003. In "Apocalypse," she's finally getting her big screen debut for real this time, and we're way too excited to see what she brings to the table.

  4. Storm
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    Storm was the leader of the X-Men for a number of years in the comics, and now that she's back for more and fiiiinally rocking the coolest mohawk ever in the history of the world, it's definitely time for her to shine.

  5. Jean Grey

    Quick, what do you remember about Jean Grey from "X-Men," "X2" and "X-Men: Last Stand?" Probably only that she's telekinetic and super dead and that Wolverine's totally into her, right? Yeah, it's time for her to get a totally fresh start -- and we bet Sophie Turner, the literal queen of making us root for characters we might not necessarily get at first glance (coughSansa), is going to make us love her more than we ever did in the original movies.

  6. Quicksilver

    Remember when we all saw the first glimpse of Quicksilver's dorky "Days of Future Past" costume and almost completely gave up on the guy in favor of the Avengers version? God, we were all so wrong. His scene was the best part of the whole movie, and we can bet he's only going to get more and more awesome in the next one.

  7. Magneto
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    Magneto's always had a tricky role as the villain-who's-actually-100%-right-about-everything, so we're guessing he's never going to get elevated to heroic spin-off status quite as quickly as Wolverine was -- after all, he usually needs somebody to reign him in. But there's no denying that he's always been a HUGE fan favorite, and now that Michael Fassbender no longer has to compete with Jackman for sheer sexual magnetism, he's probably the guy to beat. You know, except for...

  8. Gambit
    Marvel Comics

    Sure, we haven't seen what he'll look like yet (no, Taylor Kitsch's version doesn't count) and have no idea what his solo film will even be about when it hits theaters in 2016, but let's be serious -- people love bad boys, and they love Channing Tatum being charming. Gambit will have both of those things going for him. There's no way he won't be the best.

  9. Mystique
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    But you know who else is the best? Jennifer Lawrence -- and while her character Raven was more or less a villain in the original series, in the newest movie she'll be teaming up with Xavier to stop the big bad Apocalypse from trying to destroy the world. So she's totally a full-on hero now, who TOTALLY deserves the exact same amount of spin-off movies that Jackman got.