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Joe Jonas And Selena Gomez Are Now Taking Part In This Summer's Hottest Celebrity Trend


If you've looked at a calendar sometime in the past 21 days, you're aware it's July. If you've stepped outside in the past month, you've probably noticed that it's, um, pretty hot out there. Why then, I have to wonder, are hella celebs wearing fur jackets as if it were December?


This all began, you may recall, at the end of June, when Demi Lovato unveiled the single art for "Cool For The Summer" and was, rather inexplicably, wearing a purple fur jacket. After conducting some research—I had to make sure fur didn't have some special buoyancy powers I didn't know about—I realized that Demi wasn't the first to try out this impractical trend. Nope—Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna have also all worn fur in pools just this year.

Now, we have to induct three new members into the Fur In Summer Club. (IDK if that's the official name, but like, I imagine?)

First is Joe Jonas, who was captured by Cara Delevingne wearing a fur—and leather!—jacket. While it's unclear whether this coat is actually his—he is v. into #FASHUN, as you may know—or Gigi Hadid's, one thing is clear: dude DGAF about the temperature outside.

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Next up is Selena Gomez, who was photographed in LA on July 19 wearing a leopard print fur coat. I started sweating from looking at this pic and I can't stop—SOS.

Finally, is Tinashe, who didn't wear fur out in the real world like Joe or Selena, but wears it—and tights!—poolside in her new spread for Kode Magazine.

So, there you have it—three new club members, who all seem perfectly comfortable wearing fur in the middle of the summer. IDK if you, like, get your sweat glands removed when you become famous, but there must be some sort of secret in play—no one wears fur at the beaches and pools I go to.