Tyler Shelton/YouTube

After His Girlfriend's Father Passed Away, This Guy Went Above And Beyond To Make His Proposal Extra Special

BRB there's a large stick in my eye.

When Tyler Shelton decided to propose to Haylee Rose, his girlfriend of seven years, he wanted to do it traditionally. Unfortunately, asking his girlfriend’s father, Greg, for his daughter’s hand in marriage wasn’t possible as he passed away last year.

Instead of bucking tradition, Shelton did something extremely noble: He asked each one of Haylee’s siblings for their blessing first. The entire romantic road leading up to Shelton’s proposal is documented in a video. Uploaded to YouTube by the filmmaker last week, it has more than 900,000 views.

“I had a question for you,” Shelton starts in the video, while on the phone with Haylee's brother. “I just wanted to know if you would be cool with me asking your sister to marry me.” He also asks Haylee's sister, who gives her blessing as well.

After Shelton gets the seal of approval from Haylee's siblings, he popped the question to Haylee (who Shelton has known since middle school) on a beautiful cobblestone road in Rome. She said “yes” right away.

But that's not all. Shelton managed to include Haylee's father into the proposal with a very sweet message.

“Dear Greg,” Shelton begins in a voice over. “I’m going to marry your daughter. I always thought of how I was going to ask for your blessing one day and now that day is here. I wish you were here to hand your baby girl off to me so I promise to be more than you would ever want me to be. I want to be the man who shows her love and patience, and give her everything she needs."

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