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Benicio Del Toro Nabbed The Villain Role In 'Star Wars: Episode VIII' And We Know Why

He's a GOOD bad guy.

Some actors avoid typecasting like the plague. Others embrace it.

Benicio Del Toro falls into the latter category, and it really, really works for him because he's basically been able to build a career out of badding up the big screen -- and it's been a fruitful one indeed.

In fact, he might just be joining the Dark Side soon for "Star Wars: Episode VIII," as reported by The Wrap.

Del Toro has reportedly been offered the villain role in "Episode VIII," which will be directed by Rian Johnson for a 2017 release. And he is just perfect, for so many reasons.

  1. First, as mentioned above, there's the fact that he's just the king of cruel.

    We've gotta believe Del Toro is a goddamn saint IRL because if he's even a tiny bit like his array of mean on-screen personas, we are going to have to stay far, far away from him on the premiere line for "Episode VIII."

  2. But he can also do camp just fine.

    Chances are, "Episode VIII" isn't going to take us as far into the depths of depravity as some of Del Toro's characters -- like, say, the vicious drug cartel kingpin he plays in "Escobar: Paradise Lost." After all, we're talking about a galaxy with light sabers and wookiees and the Force. So, it'll probably be a level or two removed from Del Toro's worst, but he can do that, too -- as his fun-bad appearance in "Guardians of the Galaxy" well proved.

  3. Plus, let's face it. He'll look cool AF with a light saber.

    There's not a lot that Del Toro can't pull off -- weapons-wise and just in general.

  4. More diversity? Yes, please.

    Early on, the "Star Wars" reboot series was plagued with concerns over the lack of diversity in casting, and while there've definitely been some key improvements on that front, mixing up the dynamic of the film's cast to more accurately reflect the state of the world (Del Toro is a Puerto Rican actor) -- nay, universe -- is clutch.

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