8 High School Cliches To Avoid

At least according to this new YA book.

High school is full of myriad cliches -- which is why it's such fertile ground for comedies (mostly of the romantic variety). So, friends, what if you decided to go out of your way to take on every single cliche you previously resisted before graduation? Well, then, you'd probably be Dave and Julia, the main characters of Adi Alsaid's upcoming book, "Never Always Sometimes."

Needless to say -- they start dating, because that's the biggest high school cliche of all: getting with your bestie.

"Never Always Sometimes" doesn't hit shelves until August 4, but, in the meantime we have not only the trailer for the book -- but ALSO a list of some of the cliches that both Adi and his characters previously avoided. Check it all out below!

  1. Never be recognized by your lunch spot. Keep moving.

    "The first thing I think of when I think of the high school realm of cliches is the cafeteria -- and everyone sitting in their little cliques. I definitely had my lunch spot in high school in Mexico, the cool kids had theirs, and I think the first thing Dave and Julia would want to do is avoid being pegged down into a clique."

  2. Never run for prom king/queen, student body president, or any other position that would have its own page in the yearbook.

    "My high school had a good amount of funny posters from people running for prom king -- and a good amount of awful attempts at funny posters, too. I can't remember any of them, though, so when writing this aspect of the story I did a lot of YouTube research for prom king campaign videos. They are the new version of awful attempts at funny posters."

  3. Never attend a party at the Kapoor brothers’ house. (Or any party where the invite is just the word “BEER.")

    "Since I went to high school in Mexico, where the drinking age is 18 but never enforced, pretty much all the parties were BEER parties. They were a little different than your stereotypical party though, since these weren't house parties but were often thrown at rented-out night clubs."

  4. Definitely never host a “BEER” party while your parent(s) is/are out of town.

    "My parents were actually the ones that would have preferred to have us have a safe place to drink than to go out and do it in one of the biggest cities in the world. But I wasn't quite cool enough for parties, and my brother was too cool to invite people over for parties, so the only time this happened at my household was for my younger sister's eighteenth birthday, although I was not around for it. She may have fulfilled a teen-getting-drunk cliche or two, but I don't want to air out too much of her dirty laundry..."

  5. Never dye your hair a color found in a rainbow.

    "I never did this, but my brother certainly did. He had a mohawk and ran through the entire array of bright colors, including a full-on rainbow -- although the result was almost always a pukeish green."

  6. Never pine silently after someone for the entirety of high school. Act.

    "A little inspired by Elliot in my first novel, 'Let's Get Lost,' a little inspired by silent unrequited crushes I (and everyone else in history) had in high school."

  7. Never go on an epic “life-changing” road trip.

    "This is me poking fun at myself and the road trip trope, but also setting up a road trip in the story. Cliche or not, I'm a big fan of road trips, and want to write them as often as possible."

  8. Never date your best friend.

    "The biggest of the teenage rom-com cliches -- and the obvious tension underlying the story. I never dated a best friend, though some of my best silent pining was for girls I was friends with."