Akilah Hughes/YouTube

Do You Have 'Racial Discussion Fatigue Syndrome'? There's A Cure

This YouTuber has the prescription.

We’ve all been there: Trying to get someone who doesn’t agree with your viewpoint to change their tune. And if you’re like Akilah Hughes -- lately having frequent discussions about the ins and outs of racial equality -- then you know it can be downright exhausting.

Well, in a new warning video the YouTuber explains that there's a name for this (very tongue-in-cheek) condition -- Racial Discussion Fatigue Syndrome -- and a treatment for it.

Hughes lists the causes of RDFS, including “constantly having to explain why certain viewpoints are problematic,” or silencing yourself "when ignorant a--holes from high school comment on your Facebook.” (We’ve all been there.) Treatment options include retweeting others that have made your point already and deleting people on Facebook.

It's a sign of real progress that we're starting to talk about racial equality (as well as issues like feminism and transgender rights) in a deeper way as a society. Unfortunately for some, though, being drawn into a discussion about the issues might come at the wrong time -- that’s why it’s always good to make sure someone is okay with talking about the harder stuff before you start up a conversation.

And on the other side of the coin, it’s perfectly okay to say “I just can’t talk about that today.”

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