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Is This Proof That Lil Wayne's Music Makes NBA Athletes Play Better?

Another Weezy miracle.

We know for a fact that athletes love rap. It's their pre-game superhero music and their post-game celebratory music, but does listening to hip-hop actually help them win? And, more specifically, does listening to Lil Wayne help J.R. Smith play better?

This question might sound a bit absurd, but Kenny Ducey over at Hashtag Important, did a bit of homework and discovered that J.R Smith -- who played with LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers this past season, but is currently an NBA free agent -- mysteriously has spikes in performance after Lil Wayne releases a project.

They charted his performance, beginning with the release of The Suffix in November, 2005, all the way through Sorry 4 The Wait 2, which dropped in January, 2005.

J.R is a self-professed Lil Wayne fan, so it's not a stretch to assume that he adds new Weezy songs to his playlists when the New Orleans rapper releases music, but this is next level.

Maybe Weezy triggers an intense chemical reaction in J.R.'s brain that sends his adrenaline rushing, boosts his confidence, renders him fearless and sets his sometimes-streaky scoring record on fire?

Or maybe this is all just a coincidence? Either way it is fascinating.

Too bad the Free Weezy Album dropped in the off-season. Can anyone tell us if he's been shooting better in practice?

Whoever he signs with for the upcoming NBA season should take this into serious consideration before he hits the court.