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Laverne Cox Finally Met Caitlyn Jenner And It's Everything You Hoped It Would Be

Helloooooo, ladies.

What happens when the two most powerful and prominent trans women on earth finally meet in person? For one, you get an explosion of star power so bright that the actual sun pales in comparison.

And for two, you get a photo with the internet-breaking potential of a thousand Kim Kardashian butts.

Laverne Cox posted this pic of herself with Caitlyn Jenner at a special private screening of the latter's new show, "I Am Cait," writing, "@caitlynjenner and I finally met in person at a special private advance screening of #IAmCait." (Hashtags: #TransIsBeautiful, #girlslikeus.)

Although Cox and Jenner were already friendly on Twitter, with Cox publicly praising Jenner for both her courageous coming-out and her fierce fashion aesthetic, this was the first time the two had the pleasure of meeting face to face.

Hopefully, with both women standing at the forefront of trans visibility and activism in Hollywood, it's just one of many amazing photo ops to come.