Alex Zalben/MTV News

Wait, A Stuffed Minion Literally Saved A Little Girl's Life?

Not all heroes wear capes (some wear denim overalls).

The tiny yellow goggle-clad henchmen of "Despicable Me" and "Minions" fame have proven omnipresent these days (as far as David Beckham's concerned, they're a permanent fixture) – so much so that one little girl's insistence on keeping her stuffed Minion figure by her side at all times actually saved her life.

According to the New York Daily News, a five-year-old Colorado Springs girl was playing in her room when she fell backwards out a window – while clinging to her plush Minion. Police believe the toy cushioned her fall and saved her life.

You really can't buy that kind of pro-merchandizing publicity – good luck ignoring the pleas of your all-Minion-everything-coveting kids now, parents! Add these heroics to the insane box office success of "Minions," and you can bet you won't be seeing the tail end of these wacky little cylindrical dudes any time soon.