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Kelly Clarkson Will Absolutely Slay Anyone Else's Song -- Here's Proof

But come on, you already knew that.

Oh, Kelly.

No one can deny the superhuman power of her voice, whether she's singing her own songs or another artist's. Maybe it's because we first met her belting out Etta James' "At Last" back in 2002, but now we're just kind of used to her just eviscerating other tunes as much as she fortifies her own.

Case in point: A fan requested Kelly sing Nick Jonas' "Jealous" at her Radio City Music Hall concert in New York on Thursday (July 16), so she did. And it sounded like this.


But that's just a sample of the wonders we've grown accustomed to from KC. Remember that time she warped Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money" into a cyclone of soul-pop?

Or when she basically inhabited Tracy Chapman's spirit for a live in-studio rendition of "Give Me One Reason" for SiriusXM?

Or that time a fan prompted her into a gorgeously frail take on Adele's "Someone Like You" at a 2012 show in Australia?

OR when she jumped octaves like a vocal track and field star for Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby" also in 2012?

ORRRRR the time she blended glitzy Vegas charm with pop superstardom for "Shake It Off" and somehow the Internet didn't explode once this video made it to YouTube shortly after the show?

ORRRRRRRRRR when she broke it down and went NSFW for the ultimate '80s melodrama of "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" by Bonnie Tyler?

...we could go on, surely. But let this be your PSA about Kelly's absolutely mutant abilities to grab whatever tune she wants and add it to her already gigantic songbook, the pages of which are certainly spilling out on the floor of her tour bus every time she stuffs another music sheet inside it.

Now you know. No one can top Kelly's chameleonic skillz. So don't even try.