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Behold The Wonders Of Cat-Rap With The First Full 'Meow The Jewels' Song: Listen

'Meowrly' builds a beat entirely from feline-produced sounds.

If you haven't been keeping diligent tabs on the cat-rap phenomenon known as "Meow The Jewels" -- a proposed recreation of a Run The Jewels album exclusively using cats' vocal sounds -- here's a quick recap.

Last September, a guy named Sly Jones launched a $45,100-goal Kickstarter for the project, a remix album of Run The Jewels 2 -- one of the most celebrated albums of 2014. Jones raised about $20,000 more than his goal (because cats), and Killer Mike and El-P (the duo behind Run The Jewels) gave it the OK.

So, it's happening, but we knew that back in January. What we didn't know was what a full song would sound like. Now we know.

Behold "Meowrly," the feline-infused take on "Early," which the group debuted on their Beats 1 radio show last night (July 17). I gotta say, aside from a few conspicuous meows during El-P's verse (and yeah, the heavy purring in the quieter moments), this really doesn't sound like a novelty project at all! RTJ2 was dense with industrial, metallic production, so swapping out some keyboard noises with yowling, squeaking kittens is easy and still fitting.

The original "Early" is one of the most overtly political songs on RTJ2, so releasing it as the first full taste of this cat-laden jamboree is interesting. We'll have to wait and see if the rest of the album's cat sounds are blended this perfectly with the existing--

Oh, OK. We'll just be over here, guys. Let us know when we can judge the entire project in full.

AND BY THE WAY... El-P has taken to Twitter to blast criticisms of the project, saying the proceeds from it (of which there will surely be a ton because, again, cats) are entirely going to help "victims of police brutality" and other charities. So that's pretty cool.