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Watch Justin Bieber Bite The Head Off A Bat And Lip Sync Dressed As Ozzy Osbourne

When you go Ozzy, you gotta go FULL Ozzy.

The Bieber train keeps on rollin'.

This week, our boy Justin turned quite a few heads with a racy rather *adult* Interview spread that suggests he may have embraced a little bit of his dark side. And a recent appearance on Spike's "Lip Sync Battle" shows there's more where that came from.

Squaring off against Deion Sanders doing "Like A Virgin" (in full '84 Madonna regalia, because that's something everyone needs to witness at least once), Biebs immersed himself in a different kind of 1980s glamour -- the Ozzy Osbourne kind -- to take on "Crazy Train."

As he mouths the verses, Justin seems to inhibit Ozzy and tap into his very soul -- his own tattoos peeking up through his leather coat sleeve. When he rips off his oval shades to reveal some guyliner, it's the ultimate dramatic rock star move, and it totally works. He really nails Ozzy's tight teeth-clench and bug-eyed smile, too, which is very impressive. Not everyone can do that.


This is a Biebs we've seen before, namely in a clip that debuted back in April promoting this very episode. But that was just a tease, and we now know the real thing is even more nightmarish(ly awesome) than we'd hoped. Especially because, you know, the whole biting the head off of a bat thing.

WHICH BIEBS DOES. BECAUSE HISTORICAL ACCURACY IS IMPORTANT. (OK, it's a fake bat, likely for safety reasons.)

Well done, Justin. And well done, Deion, for your sultry on-the-ground make-love-to-the-camera body work. And for putting up with LL Cool J's reaction faces. And for winning.

'Lip Sync Battle' airs Thursdays on Spike.