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Was Future's Dirty Sprite 2 Cover Purchased For Less Than $80?

Sanja Tošić says it's her image, but she isn't mad about it.

Did Future get this Dirty Sprite 2 album artwork for less than $80? That’s definitely what it looks like, according to Sanja Tošić, a Slovenian artist who sells images on Shutterstock.

If you've listened to the Georgia rapper's new LP - which was released Friday (July 17) - you’ve probably seen the cover. If not, here's a reminder:

It’s a striking purple and blue image that’s gotten some major love on Twitter ever since it was unveiled.

So, how did Future get it for such a low price?

Well, his camp purchased it on stock photo site Shutterstock, according to Fader. The photo reportedly belongs to Tošić, who has a series of similar images on the site.

"I'm 110% it's mine," Tošić told Fader. "I'm selling these images on stock sites. This is the one. [It] belongs to series Silky Smooth. This picture was sold last month.”

Tošić - a Slovenian artist who hadn’t heard of Future until she was contacted about the art by Fader - said she made a percentage of the sale. While she didn’t disclose exactly how much this image went for, she did explain that she’s made anywhere from $0.33 to $80.00 from her sales on the site.


Shutterstock’s Rachel Ceccarelli - a communications manager - didn’t say whether the image was actually used for DS2. "We can’t confirm it's our image, as we have a non-exclusive relationship with our contributors and they can contribute their work elsewhere,” she explained. But it wouldn’t be the first time a Shutterstock photo was used for a musician’s cover art, she added.

It's also unclear how much the photo was edited after it was allegedly purchased from the site.

So after all of this, is Tošić a DS2 fan? "I checked his album right away," she said. "I don't think I heard about him before. I would also like to buy a CD for myself."