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Cara Delevingne: Modeling Was 'Killing My Soul'

The 'Paper Towns' star is so much more than a cut-out.

Cara Delevingne has been toeing the Tinseltown waters for a few years now, but her starring role in the adaptation of John Green's "Paper Towns," her bare-handed destruction in "Suicide Squad," and a half-dozen other upcoming pictures have gotten her to the point of full-on industry immersion.

Which is a more than welcome change of pace for her right now because, according to her new interview with The New York Times, Cara's modeling career was stressful to the point of actually making her physically ill at times.

It "was killing my soul," she told the Times of her many, many turns on the catwalk, adding that she also suffered from acute psoriasis due to the pressure and fatigue of the work.

The 22-year-old London native has been successful in the biz since she was 10 years old, but even so, she's quite sour on it.

"It's the lemon effect," Delevingne described -- and she was definitely not referring to the "When life gives you..." mantra. "I'll pick you up, squeeze everything I can out of you and throw you away for the next one."

Delevingne said the reason she's stuck with modeling for so long and given it so much gumption -- despite the fact that she never had real dreams of runway life -- is because she felt she had something to prove.

"When I start something, I want to prove people wrong," she said. "I thought: I'm going to smash this as hard as I can."

And smash she has -- she's now officially cut ties with her modeling management company and she hopes that her budding acting career is a long-term trajectory.

"If I just keep going and actually do it well, which I hope I can, then I hope people will give me more movies — and I’ll win an Oscar!"