Steve's Coming Back For 'Fuller House' And Now We Believe In Love Again

We knew those kids were gonna make it.

We have some great news for all the Deejevians (that's the D.J. + Steve 'ship term we made up just now because there has to be one) in the crowd!

Steve is officially rejoining the "Full House" squad for Netflix's spin-off series, and we couldn't be more squealy about this new development.

See, the "Fuller House" cast got together on Thursday (July 16) for a live read of the Episode 1 script. And in the midst of all the humblebraggy script snap-sharing was Scott Weinger's pic, which told us, yeah, him too. WOO!

But we know Deej didn't end up marrying Steve (even though they did reunite on prom night at the end of the first series) because her late husband gave her the name Fuller -- hence, "Fuller House." So, now we have a little mindwheeling to do to figure out exactly how Steve can fit into the new picture -- and our hopes are sky high right now.

  • Because obviously, he could still be a great pal to her.

    When we re-meet D.J. for the new round, she's going to be a pregnant and widowed mother of two boys who has her hands FULL -- raising her sons, living with her sister Steph and BFF Kimmy (and her daughter), and not to mention, balancing a solid career as a veterinarian. She could probably use an old friend around to make her laugh, which was one thing Steve was always good for.

  • And there's still romantic potential.

    Sure, it'd probably take some time because RIP Mr. Fuller and all, but there's always a chance that Steve could come in and do a little feet-sweepage to rekindle that old flame.

  • He could also be a cartoon voice-over king by now.

    Even if Steve's return has zero to do with D.J. (huff puff), there's always Weinger's animated voicing experience to tinker with. He did, after all, voice Aladdin once upon a time, and Uncle Joey knows people in the biz, yeah?

  • Plus, there's the "Girl Meets World" route.

    Word has it, D.J.'s kids are going to be having a rough time with the loss of their dad, so it would actually be kind of perf if Steve was, say, a little league coach or gym teacher who gave 'em a kind word of advice here and there and told 'em to give their momma a break (and his new number, maybe?).

Or maybe the always-hungry Steve will just come back to raid the Tanner refrigerator again. Whatever it is that brings him back to Team Tanner, we like it already.