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You Don't Need To Understand Future To Enjoy Dirty Sprite 2

It's all about the vibe.

Future finally released his anticipated Dirty Sprite 2 album on Friday morning (July 17) and the Future Hive couldn't contain their excitement.

In addition to his hit "F--k Up Some Commas," songs like "Groupies" and "Thought It Was A Drought" seem to be getting the most replay love so far. But, there's a small problem. Some people, try as hard as they might, just can't seem to understand what the Atlanta rapper saying in some of his hooks and verses.

It's only a small problem, though, because it isn't really stopping them from enjoying the album.

We have one big question

Does it really matter, though?

Pretty sure it's just about the feeling

You don't even have to pretend

You can still pick your favorite songs

But you might still have some questions

Just try not to get your parents upset