Nann Kristoffersen

This Snapchatter Is Transforming Herself Into Disney Characters With A Modern Twist

This is what Ariel would look like in 2015.

A 20-year-old from Norway is getting a lot of attention for her Snapchat self portraits, and judging by the popularity of Nann Kristofferson's hilarious art parodies, the self-proclaimed "Queen of Snapchat" may have earned her title.

As shown in her creative illustrations, Kristofferson transforms herself into Ariel, Elsa and other Disney favorites, depicting each character from a modern (or just plain hilarious) perspective. Kristofferson shows what each character’s life would be like if they lived in the real world: villains no longer look into mirrors but iPhones, Ariel discovers the upside to having fins and Elsa would just like to have her dinner un-Frozen. Take a look at some of her best snaps below.

Kristoffersen also paints herself as a range of different non-fairytale characters and figures:

For more of Nann Kristofferson's Snapchat artwork, check out her Instagram.

H/T Hello Giggles