These Insane Trick Shots Will Make You Do A Double-Take

All of the whoas.

What do you get when you combine a big trampoline with an even bigger sense of creativity and a dash of mad skills? If you're 19-year-old Kevin Libertowski, you get a trick shot that's nothing short of gravity-defying magic.

In this video, Libertowski, who assures viewers that the trick is 100% real, starts on a trampoline that's 60 feet away from the hoop. He begins with one ball in his hands and another wedged between his legs. After effortlessly flipping backwards, he releases the ball at the optimal time to make that shot. Boom. Instantly bouncing back into a front flip, he grabs the other ball and shoots it, all before he's done with his front flip.

Watch for yourself here:

Don't feel too bad if you can't exactly do this at home. Not surprisingly, Libertowski says the shot took him several attempts before landing both shots at the same time.

In other insane trick shot news, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Cole Beasley proved he's a double threat than when he posted an Instagram vid of himself pulling off an incredible reverse double pump dunk.

Peep this Renaissance man's jaw-dropping skills here:

The video quickly spread as fodder for the ongoing feud between Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants fans, as Cowboys fans offered it as proof that they would own their rivals to the north come football season. But if that doesn't wind up being the case, perhaps Beasley will pursue a different career path in the NBA.