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This Guy Gets ALL The Phone Numbers By Sending Only Emojis On Tinder

He wins World Emoji Day, no doubt.

Tinder prowling is still a thing, guys, and since today (July 17) is World Emoji Day, it's only fit to pay homage to the dating app where it's perfectly acceptable to express your feels in the modern-day equivalent of hieroglyphics.

Reddit user ShutUpBeck wins the 👑 on this big day after snagging several girls' phone numbers by communicating exclusively though emojis on the app. He posted screenshots of the conversations on Imgur earlier this week as proof.

He starts off every convo the same way, 💯👌, and the girls often reply in emojis as well. Then some back-and-forth flirty emoji banter begins. Check it out below:

There's one huge problem with this dude's strategy, though. The calendar emoji is permanently set to July 17, which is why today is World Emoji Day in the first place. So now all these girls think they're going on a date with this dude today when, according to his Reddit comment, he really meant to ask them what date they were free.

Talk about miscommunication. But regardless of whether or not he ended up going on any dates today, he still has plenty of phone numbers in his possession. And in Tinderland, that's always the first step before the digital convos turn into in-person convos in the real world. 👏👏👏

PS. If you're now thinking about breaking the ice with your next Tinder match with 💯👌, don't. This screenshot, which ShutUpBeck received from a friend, proves you're late to the game. Sorry.

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