Emilia Clarke Is Being The Best Sport About Competing With Cersei For An Emmy

Class. Act.

When September 20 rolls around, "Game of Thrones" fans will have a difficult decision on their hands: whether to pull for Emilia Clarke (Daenerys) or Lena Headey (Cersei) in the race for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

... We know. It's a tough one.

But lucky for us, Clarke told the Los Angeles Times that her real-life battle with Headey is a lot less dramatic than the War of the Queens currently happening on "GoT."

"I definitely think we’re going to have a lot of fun with that," she said. "I admire -- truly, everything I say now you’re going to think, 'Oh yeah, of course you would say that, of course you are.' But quite honestly, I remember asking her for advice from Season one. I admire her so much. I think that the work that she does on our show is absolutely exceptional. And I think that she’s so brave."

(This is the point where maybe Clarke should hold back, because she's maaaaybe convincing us that Cersei deserves the prize.)

"With every season, it gets more messy with her, and with her character in this brilliant way," she continued. "And then last season saw her being torn down from her high place, all powerful position. And then you get to see this really guttural, visceral performance; it just broke my heart. I’m so excited, bloody happy and proud of everyone who is involved, and everyone who made it possible. Lena and I wouldn’t have the nominations if it weren’t for the 22 other nominations and for all the people who made it possible."

Ain't she sweet? And in case you needed an excuse to love the Mother of Dragons any more, here were her words for yet another "Thrones" acting nominee, Peter Dinklage.

"He’s just like the cool kid," she said. "Everyone wants to hang out with Peter. He is the popular kid at school. They’re like, 'Oh, my God, Peter cracked a joke at me today.' And then you get to hear from the other departments how much fun it is to film with him, and then you do film with him and you’re like, 'It’s true! It’s so much fun.' He’s so funny and charming and gorgeous and talented. Every now and again, you meet actors who just literally make days brighter, and Peter is exactly that person."