Cara Delevingne's Beat-Boxing Skills Are Even More On Point Than Her Eyebrows

Model, actress, human drum set.

This video in which Cara Delevingne confirms her status as the world's most glamorous pro beat-boxer is so amazing, you won't even mind the part where it'll make you incredibly insecure about... well, everything, really. Honestly, is there anything this girl isn't good at?

Cara was on "The Tonight Show" Thursday (July 16) to promote "Paper Towns," where she demonstrated her awesome secret talent for making drum set noises.

We'd seen a little glimpse of her skills last month, when she dropped a few beats with Justin Timberlake, but this is a whole new level. She's so phenomenal, The Roots' Tariq Trotter went ahead and freestyled a rap along with her.

And with "Paper Towns" all wrapped up, can we just point out now that she has to join "Pitch Perfect 3" as a percussionist? Because she does. That is all.