23 Burning 'Ant-Man' Questions We Need Marvel To Answer

Can I borrow Hank's tank? No? It was worth an ask.

So, "Ant-Man" happened. Marvel Studios has officially unleashed the 12th installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and after all the superhero beat-'em-ups we've seen over the years, we have something very new here in the first story of legendary scientist Hank Pym and his new protege Scott Lang — something both literally and figuratively smaller, without sacrificing the huge heart that beats throughout all these Marvel movies.

I'm assuming you've seen the movie by now. If not, turn around, because spoilers. I have questions about "Ant-Man," and I'm asking them here. Let's start with a big one…

  1. When did Dominic Cooper turn into John Slattery?

    That's the weird thing about having two actors playing Howard Stark, and only one actor playing Peggy Carter: You notice when it's old-age makeup Hayley Atwell acting opposite the erstwhile Roger Sterling and not the future Jesse Custer. By the way…

  2. When are we going to get the CGI-enhanced young man Michael Douglas "Ant-Man" movie?

    Marvel, spend all of the money on this, and release it next year, please and thanks.

  3. Hey, Hank?

    Why didn't you just sneak Scott into Cross Technologies in your keychain? Feels like you could have skipped a few steps, no?

  4. Hey, Scott?

    How's your head feeling? I ask because the Pym Particles apparently did big time damage to Hank, and size-changing tech OBVIOUSLY did big time damage to Darren Cross. Please holler if you're starting to feel feeble or psychotic at any point, okay? Okay.

  5. Where did Scott learn all those acrobatic skills?

    Not to say anything of that Titanic trick he pulled on Hank's safe! Dude's basically a ninja. Where did he learn those wonderful moves?

  6. Hey, Michael Peña?

    Can you be in every single Marvel movie from now through eternity please? At the very least, "Guardians of the Galaxy 2," so you can hang out with Rocket and Groot? Cool, thanks!

  7. Michael Peña, describe your perfect date?

    I know you're into fancy art and expensive wine. What else? Asking for a friend.

  8. Hey, Judy Greer?

    Why do your kids always get in trouble? First, they ran into dinosaurs. Now, it's a size-changing psychopath. And that's just this year, ignoring the fact that she was the mother of two apes in 2014. Not great, Judy!

  9. What's going to happen to that huge-ass ant?

    There's no way Cassie's new pet can possibly be up to legal standards, and you just know her step-dad is enough of a jerk to turn the poor thing in. Doesn't look good. :(

  10. Is Antony really dead?

    Yeah. I'm sorry, but yeah. :(

  11. What's going to happen to that huge-ass Thomas the Tank Engine?

    It belongs in a museum.

  12. Hey, Darren?

    You really kept all of your highly sensitive scientific intel locked away in one single facility? You didn't have any backups? That… feels like a mistake.

  13. Hey, HYDRA?

    So, those guys are still kicking around, even though "Winter Soldier" bumped them off? They've appeared in "Age of Ultron" and "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." as well, but they seem much more vibrant here in "Ant-Man" than they do anywhere else. Guess it's really hard to cut off all those heads.

  14. Hey, Carson?

    How's your face?

  15. But seriously, what's Carson's next move?

    The evil ex-S.H.I.E.L.D. dude who got his face bashed in by Hank Pym back in the day escaped the movie with his life intact, and potentially some Yellowjacket tech on his person as well. Looks like we could see Darren Cross' legacy live on well after his death.

  16. Hey, Avengers?

    What's the deal with every single one of you abandoning your headquarters except for Falcon? Seriously, you left Sam Wilson COMPLETELY alone to guard the base? That's some pretty lax security right there.

  17. When will we see Wasp?

    Now that we know Hope van Dyne has her father's blessing and her mother's costume to fulfill her superhero destiny, when and where will we see her next? Do we have to wait until the next "Avengers" movie, or could she wind up in "Civil War" alongside Scott? Please be the latter. We've waited long enough. In fact…

  18. Why no Wasp in "Ant-Man"?

    Yes, it's about damn time we got Wasp in the MCU, and we have her here both in flashback form (more on that in a second) and in the post-credits scene. But why couldn't we get Hope in costume in the actual movie? Why the big wait? Marvel excels in so many areas, but in terms of having awesome costumed heroines fighting the good fight on the big screen… let's just call it a work in progress. It's exciting that we'll get Wasp in the future (BUT SERIOUSLY, WHEN?), but it feels like there were tons of opportunities to have Hope in full-fledged Wasp form here in "Ant-Man."

  19. When will we see the ORIGINAL Wasp?

    For decades, Hank believed that Janet died while shrinking to subatomic size and disarming a nuclear device in the 1980s. Now that Scott's survived the subatomic process, Hank wonders if Janet might have survived as well. And that leads us to another big question…

  20. If she's not dead, then WHERE is the original Wasp?

    One word: Microverse.

  21. Wait, Microverse?

    Come back on Monday and we'll discuss further.

  22. What's wrong with Bucky?

    The post-credits scene sees Falcon and Captain America finally fulfilling their mission to locate the Winter Soldier, and either he's got a hell of a migraine, or something much more serious is going on. So what's the deal? Good thing we'll find out when "Civil War" breaks out in less than a year.

  23. More Ant-Man now, please?

    Well, I guess you can go back and see the movie again? Otherwise, just wait until he pops back up in "Civil War." It'll be here before you know it.