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Norman Reedus' Motorcycle Instagrams Are Freaking Us The F--k Out

So. Much. Aghhhhhh!

If Norman Reedus keeps it up, his real-life pics are soon going to be way scarier than anything "The Walking Dead" has ever throw at us.

Because just like Daryl Dixon, Norman doesn't always seem to wear a helmet when he's cruising around on his bike, which means we're feeling very finger-waggy and concerned for our pal's safety right now.

  • Especially when he posts crazy videos like this one of him keeping pace with an actual TRAIN and we start experiencing actual heart palpitations because of it.

    Nope. Nope, nope, nope, nope.

  • There was also this one of him being a neighborly biker and pounding it as he passed.

    Cool pic and all, but watch the road, lady! geesh. (Also, who in the world took this thing anyway?!)

  • Norman also apparently likes to take selfies while in motion, which just CANNOT be a great idea, right?

    That move just *had* to nullify, like, all the safety points he gained by wearing his helmet in this one.

The thing is, we happen to like Norman and think he's about as cool as they come, so we want to see him doing his thing for a long, long time.

So, we'll just ask nicely -- let's put the kibosh on this motorcycle-in-motion selfie game already, Norman. Pretty please and thank you.