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Have Mercy! Here's A Look At The First 'Fuller House' Script

Want to have a peek at the script? You got it, dude.

Looks like we won't have to "tsk" and "how rude" the cast of "Fuller House" for keeping all the reunion goods to themselves.

Before the cameras even start rolling on Netflix's "Full House" spin-off series, all our old friends -- nay, family -- are already starting to spread the joy of impending production with sneak peeks at the pilot episode script.

Several returnees from the '90s San Francisco-based sitcom family teamed up today for a cast table read and shared the wealth with social media snaps of their copies' front page.


As you can probably infer from the almost-word above, we can barely contain our excitement over here because this is almost too exciting.

For those just tuning in, the 13-episode Netflix series will center on the now fully-grown DJ "Deej" Tanner who's been widowed with two children, has another on the way, and somehow balances a veterinary career to boot.

In keeping with the theme of the show -- that is, maximum residential capacity -- DJ's sister Stephanie, an aspiring musician, as well as her long-time BFF Kimmy Gibler, who has her own daughter, move in with her. So, that's three women and three-almost-four kids total (so far).

Sadly, Michelle won't be rounding out the sisterly trio for the new series because the Olsen Twins said "no way, Jose" to this project from the start.

Meanwhile, the rest of the fam will be reuniting for the first episode of the new series and then make various guest appearances throughout.