'Walking Dead' Fans, Your Governor Is Saving Refugees Now

And he wants your help.

David Morrissey may have been a one-eyed jack(ass) on "The Walking Dead," but IRL he's kind of a hero right now.

As detailed by NBC News, Morrissey -- formerly known as "The Governor" of Woodbury, Philip Blake -- has been spending his post-zombie apocalypse days on the shores of southern Europe, helping bring awareness to the work of the United Nations' Refugee Agency, UNHCR.

Morrissey visited the Greek island of Lesvos to witness first-hand the ongoing refugee crisis from Syria -- with hundreds of thousands of migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea from the Middle East and North Africa to Europe each year.

"You could see refugees everywhere just walking, walking towards the capital city of Lesvos, the port... the problem is just escalating so quickly," the actor said.

"I went out with the Coast Guard and we found a boat full of refugees very quickly ... we got there and there was a lot of shouting, a lot of fear," explained Morrissey, who was shown helping a screaming baby from her helpless vessel onto the rescue ship.

NBC News

"The boat I went up to had been drifting for 10 hours, and the little outboard motor that they had had enough fuel for half an hour," Morrissey continued. "It ceased to work, and you could just see the desperation. As a father yourself, you do carry that with you everywhere, but when you see people on boats -- and I was rescuing people, helping the Coast Guard to get people out of boats, and they were there with their young babies."

As if all this wasn't heartbreaking enough, the situation isn't much better for the migrants ashore, Morrissey said. "The conditions that they're living in in Lesvos are quite disgusting. There's nothing organized about them at all... it's very squalid."

According to UNHCR, the number of Syrian refugees now totals more than four million, and Morrissey hopes the world will show them some compassion in their hour of need.

"We know what's behind these people," he said. "We know the situations that they've come from and they're fleeing from. What we have to do is put into place some sort of sanctuary, some sort of healthy environment that they can arrive into."

Learn more about the Syrian refugee crisis and how you can help here.