Too $hort Chose Jail Time Over Probation

The Bay Area rapper is still battling a DUI charge.

Life is all about the choices you make, and sometimes you have to make a seemingly illogical choice, for the greater good. Or at least it seems like that was Too $hort's strategy during his recent court visit.

The Bay Area rapper was arrested on DUI and narcotics charges back in 2013 and eventually he worked out a plea deal, to complete community service and remain on probation for three years. But, according to TMZ, when he showed up in court this week, he was short on community service time.

The judge was kind enough to offer him more time to complete it, along with an additional three-year probation sentence, but that's where Short drew the line. He decided to take the 90-day sentence so he wouldn't have to be continually monitored by the legal system.

Guess he knew what he was doing? TMZ pointed out that he'll more than likely finish the sentence early, due to factors like overcrowding.

And then, maybe he'll stay out of trouble. Embarrassing footage from his 2013 DUI arrest showed him making a feeble and failed attempt to run from cops after being pulled over.

He was also arrested in 2010 and charged with three counts of misdemeanor battery following an incident at an Idaho nightclub.