It's International Drag Day! See Your Reigning Kings And Queens

These kings and queens of drag know how to WERK.

Today (July 16) is International Drag Day. Since the early days of the LGBT rights movement, drag has been used as a powerful response to homophobic assertions that lesbians were "too masculine" and gay men were "too feminine." Dressing in drag takes those sticks and stones and uses them as a form of empowerment -- it's just one way of saying, "Yeah, so?"

Non-LGBT people can dress in drag, too! It's just one of many ways that humans can enjoy celebrating the diverse range of gender expressions available to all of us.

In celebration of that magic and in honor of International Drag Day, here's a roundup of some of the finest kings and queens in all the land. As RuPaul once said, "We're born naked, and the rest is drag."

Gotta lead with this queen. You better WERK.

Murray Hill wears that mustache like a boss

Preach, Sharon Needles


More boy bands should start including drag kings. Just sayin'.

Alyssa as f*ck!


These kings may be up to no good

Wascally in dwag

OMG IT'S Spikey Van Dykey!

Chad Michaels kisses are the best kisses


Dream boat drag king

Sweet as Kandy Ho


Pandora Boxx FTW

Drag performance artist Diane Torr is a reigning king

Patriotic drag!

These handsome kings perform regularly in NYC


It's been a while, but we couldn't leave out Gaga as Jo Calderone...come back to us, Jo!

Did we miss one of your faves? Put 'em in the comments!