Bill Nye Goes All Science Guy About Love And Being Gay

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When a viewer asked whether same-sex relationships made "evolutionary sense," Bill Nye was the first to say that he wasn't totally an expert on human sexuality -- just an observer of humanity. But your favorite Science Guy still gave the perfect answer (both heart-felt and scientific) in his Big Think web-series, "Hey, Bill Nye."

Nye explains that sexy-times between members of the same sex exists all across the animal kingdom — from Bonobos to Chimpanzees (also, penguins.). If we're defining "evolutionary sense" as allowing a species to keep procreating and advancing, Nye said that there's nothing "genetically lethal" about being on the LGBT spectrum. People of all orientations and identities have families and still keep the species alive and thriving. It's NBD.

"So let’s celebrate being alive everybody," Nye said, closing out his answer. "Apparently [homosexuality is] just something that happens in nature and look, we’re all here."

Right on, Bill.