See Cookie Lyon React To Taraji P. Henson's Emmy Nomination

Today, we are all Boo Boo Kitty.

This Thursday (July 16), Uzo Abuda and Cat Deeley announced the nominations for the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards, live from Los Angeles, California.

Yet while many deserving parties received nominations -- like Tatiana Maslany, and "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" -- we're obviously freaking TF out over our favorite onscreen hip-hop mogul, Taraji P. Henson, earning the Outstanding Lead Actress nom for "Empire."

... And below, watch how Cookie responded when she heard about it:

  1. First and foremost, THIS was how fly Cookie looked when she showed up to the nominations on Thursday.

    We'd settle for nothing less.

  2. When she heard her name called, she politely thanked Cat and Uzo for the honor.

    Cookie's got #manners.

  3. But then, when she went up there to accept her award early, and Uzo tried to continue reading the list of nominees...

    Do you even need to keep going? Cookie's got this thing on lock.

  4. This was Cookie's response to Terrence Howard when he got bummed out about his big snub.

    (Having a vagina is a good thing, but Cookie's been in jail for a while, and still hasn't caught up on the last decade or so of feminism.)

  5. And this is how Cookie reacted when everyone in the room was eyeing her ~special~ Thursday morning look.

    She woke up like this.

  6. This was Cookie's response when they wouldn't hand her her trophy right there on the spot.

    Get that money, Cook.

  7. And this was her death stare in the aftermath.

    Chills... we've got 'em.

  8. This was Cookie when someone tried to say Viola Davis deserves it more.

    No one gets away with murder better than Cookie Lyon. (Except for maybe Lucious Lyon, but whatever.)

  9. And finally, THIS was how Cook celebrated once she was in the comfort of her own home.

    You deserve it, girl.