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Directioners Want To Know ‘WTF Is Going On’ With Louis Tomlinson’s Baby Rumors

Louis thanks them for their 'support,' but they want answers.

Louis Tomlinson has finally broken his silence since reports surfaced that he was going to be a dad.

The One Direction star took to Twitter to thank fans for their "support," but unfortunately didn't address that whole "I'm going to have a baby" thing.

While Directioners appreciate the love, what they really want are answers of whether or not he's actually expecting a baby with his friend, Briana Jungwirth, a Los Angeles-based stylist he met through mutual friends earlier this year.

Seems like Louis better say something soon, because fans are getting a bit frustrated.

Well if Briana is pregnant, we will have our answers in a couple months. According to People, she has left her home in Los Angeles "in hopes of some peace and quiet" during the pregnancy.

But no matter what happens, 1D fans have Louis back.