Here's What The Kardashians Will Look Like On 'American Crime Story'

Kris should definitely approve of this.

As soon as people heard that Ryan Murphy's new true crime-centric anthology series "American Crime Story" would be covering the trial of O.J. Simpson, pretty much all pop culture-loving brains went straight to one thing: Kardashians.

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe's late father Robert Kardashian (played by David Schwimmer on the series) was O.J.'s defense attorney on the trial, and since the series is focusing on the lawyers' perspective, it makes sense for them to appear on the show -- and thanks to some on-set paparazzi sleuthing, we now know that they definitely will:

Kourtney's high-waisted shorts and peasant top combo! Khloe's existential glare! Kim's curve-hugging bodycon dress! (Do children really wear those in Los Angeles?!) Hopefully for all of our sakes, Kris Jenner will be pleased with the girls' oh-so-'90s looks.

Check out JustJared for more pics of the girls playing the girls, and stay tuned for more news on "American Crime Story."