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Here’s Why Little Mix’s New Album Title Is The Most Perfect Thing Ever

Let's get weird, Mixers!

Get ready, Mixers: after being treated to a taste of Little Mix’s new music with their bewitching single “Black Magic,” the group has finally dropped more deets about their upcoming album.

The girls took to Facebook on Wednesday (July 15) to unveil the title and cover art for their third studio album, Get Weird, the follow-up to 2013’s Salute.

Both the regular and deluxe editions’ covers are characteristically cool, showing the glammed-up girls perched on a sofa (what is it about them and red sofas?!) and mugging for the camera against a colorful, collaged backdrop.

But the absolute best thing about Little Mix’s announcement is their new album title, which is THE MOST PERFECT EVER. Any Little Mix fan knows this is a group that’s as wickedly hilarious as they are talented. Jesy, Jade, Leigh-Anne, and Perrie don’t take themselves too seriously, and their friendships with one another are so enviously silly.

Basically, these girls are always having fun and loudly showing off their most bizarre selves for our collective enjoyment. Let’s take a look at 19 times they really “got weird.”

  1. First and foremost, we speak for Mixers everywhere when we say the time the girls did an “accent challenge” together is ICONIC. That’s largely due to Jesy’s miserable attempt at a Jamaican accent, which honestly still brings us to tears.
  2. The time they proved that being a “hot” girl doesn’t mean you have to suppress your silliness.
  3. The time they got stranded with a flat tire and lamented by making their signature goat noises.
  4. The many times Perrie sticks her finger up Leigh-Anne’s nose.
  5. That other time they showed off their bonkers accent skillz.
  6. We all know they have the most badass, killer choreography onstage, but how they bust a move offstage is kiiiind of a different story.
  7. Even when they’re doing something as normal and sentimental as thanking their Mixers, they’re still effin’ weird.
  8. That time Perrie showed off her, uh, “magic pen.”
  9. Whatever the heck Leigh-Anne is doing here.
  10. Here’s “Black Magic” like you’ve definitely never heard it before.
  11. Jade. Just Jade. All of her. Forever.
  12. “Don’t need makeup, to cover up/Baby the way that you are is enough.”
  13. The time Perrie got a “Frozen”-themed cake and burst into song because she’s only human and couldn’t NOT sing “Let It Go.”
  14. We could watch Leigh-Anne spinning around all day long, TBH.
  15. Basically the entirety of their “Black Magic” video.
  16. And all the hilarious outtakes from the video.
  17. Leigh-Anne and Jesy’s epic ugly face-off.
  18. These girls have a not-so-secret love of distorting their faces, and it never, ever, ever gets old.
  19. And finally, the time they all made the same buck-toothed chipmunk face and of course they somehow managed to stay adorable AF.