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This Minion Transformation Video Is The Creepiest Thing You'll Watch Today

Hope you have a bald cap handy.

The internet is full of insane makeup transformations. We've seen a dude morph into the entire Kardashian family. We've seen a makeup artist become creatures so creepy that they haunt our dreams. Most recently, we've watched beauty bloggers turn their haters' cruel insults into gorgeous beauty looks.

This Minion transformation video, though, might be the craziest thing we've ever seen.

In this tutorial, YouTube user Kat Sketch turns her entire head into a tiny Minion body. There's a bald cap, multiple tubes of paint, and glue sticks involved—the entire thing, she reveals, took over five hours.


If you plan on doing this to your face before you go to see the movie, just remember to leave enough time—you don't want to roll up with only half-complete Minion on your head, do you?