Watch Selena Gomez Explain The Stories Behind Her Instagram Pics

What went down on Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' video? Is there another collaboration with Zedd in the works? Find out!

It's no secret that all of us follow our favorite celebrity's every move on Instagram. While we love to dissect each picture -- Where did they take it? Who were they with? What filter did they use? -- we are often left without answers.

But when we recently sat down with the one and only Selena Gomez, we wanted to get the story behind some of her most-talked-about Instagram pics.

Watch the video below to find out what really went down on Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" set, what she really thinks of those hateful body shamers and how her studio sessions with Zedd may have led to another collaboration.

  • In-N-Out Photo Shoot

    It's no wonder these girls were hungry after kicking some serious ass on the set of Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" video, but little did they know, their hunger would result in an impromptu photo shoot.

    "We were actually eating In-N-Out and the photographer was like 'this is genius.' Photo shoot, photo shoot," Selena said. "We were actually genuinely starving."

  • Kill 'Em With Kindness

    After pictures surfaced of the singer in a bikini while vacationing with friends in Mexico, some were quick to judge her curvy figure, writing some pretty hurtful comments. So what did Selena do? She posted this flawless pic saying that she loves being happy with herself.

    "This one was awesome. Obviously, I hear certain things all the time whether it's true or not and I always like giving people my best," Selena said. "'Kill them with kindness' has always been my thing. You just have to represent yourself in the best way even if it does affect you."

  • Mexico Memories

    Selena jetted off to Mexico to work on her album with Hit-Boy and some friends, but just because they were putting in long hours in the studio, doesn't mean they didn't have a little fun.

    "We went to this place and heard live music we had this whole table to ourselves we ordered so much food and we just hung out and we all started dancing," she said. "And it was one of those all night kind of things and we actually went back to the studio that night and wrote one of my favorite songs on the album so that night just inspired a lot."

  • Round 2 With Zedd?

    This picture was taken the third time Selena and her "little Anton," a.k.a. Zedd, were in the studio together, sparking a musical relationship that may just go past their single, "I Want You To Know."

    "We literally hung out probably five days straight in a row. We were in sweats. I would go over, hear his music, that's how "I Want You To Know" happened," Selena said. "And we did another song together. It was really beautiful very haunting."

    And be on the lookout because it "maybe" will make its way to Selena's upcoming album.

  • Good For You

    Selena has been hitting the studio hard for quite some time, in fact this shot took place in the hotel room where she recorded her new single, "Good For You."