What Was Jenelle Thinking During Nathan's 'Teen Mom 2' Proposal?

The mother of two tells Kailyn and Chelsea about her St. Thomas engagement.

Jenelle was asked a very big question during tonight's "Teen Mom 2" episode: During a birthday vacation in St. Thomas, Nathan -- who organized the tropical trip in honor of his ladylove -- asked J to be his wife. And while the couple openly talked about saying "I do" prior to the romantic restaurant engagement, did the mother of two expect that he was going to ask for her hand in marriage at that very moment?

"I had an idea that he was going to do it eventually, but I didn't know exactly the time," Jenelle dishes to Chelsea and Kailyn in the clip below.

But once the lovebirds landed in paradise, the 23-year-old suspected Nathan might propose at some point during their getaway. And when he dropped a clue about a certain plan, she suspected something might happen.

"I was like, 'Alright, we have a week here -- when is he going to do it?'" Jenelle tells her fellow cast members. "And then he said 'Oh, we have [a] fancy dinner,' and I was like, 'Maybe he'll do it then.'" What followed was truly an evening to remember for the sweethearts.

So, what was Jenelle thinking when Nathan declared his love for her? And what did Kail divulge about Javi's proposal? View the clip below to find out, share your thoughts on J and N's engagement in the comments and be sure to keep watching "TM2" on Thursdays at 10/9c!