Kendall Jenner Is Done With You Dissecting That Driving Snapchat

It only takes one tweet to (semi) clear things up.

Kendall Jenner certainly has the sense of humor to take on her latest scandal. The model took to Twitter on Wednesday (July 15) to shoot down the Snapchat that everyone is dissecting.

Last week, sister Kylie took a Snap of Kendall supposedly driving with her leg out the window and hands off the wheel. And we all know they're supposed to be at 10 and 2, right? The Snap freaked people out and many started saying that the Kardashian sis shouldn't be on the road.

But Kendall has a few words for everyone out there who took issue with the video:

So, where does this leave us? Does it mean she's wasn't driving recklessly? Did she not have her leg out the window? Should we all stop caring? I'm just going to chalk it up to one EXTREMELY talented (and flexible) 19-year-old and move on with my life.